Top 5 makeup essentials for October

Friday, 25 October 2013

As I was sitting powdering my face this morning, thinking about my next blog post, I realised that all the items I was slapping on my face at the time, I actually use everyday and in fact I don't know what i'd do without them! So I came up with my top 5 makeup products I could not live without, enjoy! 

1. Clarins Hydra quench tinted moisturiser  

As I have quite breakout prone skin, I don't really like to use a foundation because it lives my skin in hives! (not literally, but I get more spots). So instead I like to use either a tinted moisturiser or bb cream and I have to say so far this Clarins tinted moisturiser is my favourite. I am a big fan of the dewy, glowing look and for me this product does just that. But it doesn't leave you looking like a sweaty grease ball either!
I use the shade 03 peach, not too light but not too dark either! 

2. Boing concealer by benefit

This must be about my 6th purchase of this concealer it's brilliant to cover up any blemishes or to go under your eyes (cover up those bags!) It's my best friend in the morning as I have to get up very early (6:20!) to catch the train to school and this concealer manages to make me look a tad bit more alive on those early mornings. 
I use the first shade, 01.

3. Mac mineralise skin finish natural 

Every girl needs a good powder, unless you want your concealer to run half way down your face! This powder leaves your skin looking natural and not like a cake, however a little goes a long way so if you put too much on you can easily go from looking natural too slightly over done. 
I use the shade light plus.

4. Bobbi Brown bronzing powder

I must admit I haven't tried many bronzers, because when I found this one I just stuck with it! It really is that good, I love it because it makes you look like you've just come back from a very refreshing holiday with a glowing tan. I'm a big fan of Bobbi Brown as I think her makeup is very natural and true to who you are and so this is one of my favourite products I have from that brand.
I use the shade Golden Light.

5. Lancome L'absolu Rouge 173

And finally at number 5 I thought I'd spice things up with my favourite lipstick for this season. The picture is quite deceiving because in my opinion the colour is a slightly more of a browny red, great for this season, when the leaves on the trees go all brown and crispy :). 

So that is all of my essentials for october! what are yours? 

Liv xox

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