Review on Rimmel's Wake me up foundation

Sunday, 24 November 2013

I thought i'd give you guys a quick review, I know that the Rimmel wake me up foundation isn't exactly new, however, coming from a girl who has always tried to steer of foundation, and usually sticks to tinted moisturises, I have found the colder months are not being kind to my skin and unfortunately my beloved clarins tinted moisturiser just wont make the cut anymore. Therefore I hope some of you might find this useful if your looking to change your foundation, now that we are in the colder months!

So, I had heard great things about this foundation and I wanted something that was natural looking as I'm not a great fan of looking like an orange (if you know what I mean). I picked this up from my nearest Boots for £8.99 which I think is fairly reasonable, In my opinion foundation is the one thing you should invest in, as cheap ones can often wreck your skin, so as this is a drug store product I did have my quires to begin with....

The foundation comes in six shades, as I am quite fair, I went for the lightest shade which is ivory, I have to say it is a perfect match for me. The coverage is good, it is quite light and I used about 2 pumps on my whole face. As for the shimmer I found it just leaves your face with a nice glow rather than being sparkly! I usually have quite oily skin but in the winter I tend to get some dry patches and thankfully this foundation doesn't cling! Overall I'd say this was a very good alternative to your high end foundations, is it better than Mac, or Bobbi brown? hmmm... probably not, however I think it could certainly give them a run for their money!

anyone else tried it?

Olivia Grace x

There's something about the red sole

Saturday, 16 November 2013

I know I may be a little early but I couldn't help getting into the festive mood when I dug out this little black, knitted sparkly number, and of course to get even more into the festive spirit I 'borrowed' my mum's Louboutin's to pair with the dress, there really is something so irresistible about the red sole, not only that but it certainly adds to the festive party theme I was going for. 

I kept the make up relatively fresh and simple, so not to detract from the shoes and sparkly dress, also a lot of people tend to go quite OTT with their makeup during the festive season, so I thought it would be quite refreshing to go for beautiful clear skin (not cakey) and simple eyes. 

Dress- Jesire, Shoes and purse- Christian Louboutin, Bracelet- purchased from a boutique abroad however you can find many similar in most costume jewellers. 

liv xox

From school girls to sixth formers

Monday, 11 November 2013

Last Friday was the day my friends and I had been quietly looking forward too, it was what my school calls 'sixth form experience' so we were able to put on our fancy sixth form gear, I must admit I felt  slightly like a business woman with my pencil skirt, and blazer! Then go on to try some A level taster lessons, this meant going to lessons we actually enjoy! After all that, we got to go to our rather fancy 'candle light supper' as my headmistress called it. Yay! We got to put on our beautiful dresses we had been waiting to wear (well I had been waiting anyway). The day was actually quite useful in helping me decide on what options to take, and also gave me a wake up call to the fact i'll hopefully be going to university in a couple of years....that's a scary thought. With university in mind it's meant I've woken up to the fact I really need to start 'buckling down'. I'm the kind of person who puts in about 90% of the effort I should do. So now Liv, it's time to put in 100% it might feel tough now, but it will be worth it! (Hopefully). 
Sorry, giving myself a little pep talk there!
Here are some photos from the evening meal.


  The dress I'm wearing is from American apparel 

What are you guys hoping to do in the future? 

Liv xox

Party like a smurf

Sunday, 3 November 2013

 So Halloween was last thursday, so I thought 'hey! why not have a party!?' And so that is exactly what I did. Admittedly clearing up the next day wasn't great... But you can only get away with looking like a smurf once a year! (as you can see above we went slightly mad with the face paint) So it was worth it. Here are some pictures from the night!

What did you guys get up too this Halloween?

Liv xox
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