My Happy Place

Saturday, 3 January 2015

My happy place. And how I miss it, I thought I'd write a relatively short post as I'm literally just procrastinating whilst attempting to do school work, and my mind started to wonder to my absolute favourite destination in the entire world. No it's not anywhere fancy and abroad like the Maldives or Dubai…(although I am quite proud of the picture above) And it doesn't have a shopping mall or a 5 star hotel, it's actually a small village in the south west (I think) of Wales called Aberdovey. Quaint, peaceful and in my opinion just beautiful, I'd been going  there nearly every single holiday literally since I was 3 months old! (my crazy mum's idea to take me) There is something about the crisp sea air, eating ice cream for breakfast and it being perfectly acceptable to walk around the entire village barefoot without looking like an idiot!
I Have so many memories from there that I'm certain will last a lifetime, for various reasons I haven't been for quite a while, which makes me so sad you can't even imagine! It has crossed my mind more than a few times to get on a train and just go down by myself!
 This got me thinking, isn't funny how one event can make it so difficult to go back to a place you love without getting all emotional! I feel a bit silly even saying that, but it is true!
One day I hope to go back, and hopefully then it won't feel so tainted!

I understand you probably haven't got a clue what I'm going on about, but I felt as though I needed a rant! Sorry if this post was a little pointless! Let me know if you have any favourite places!?

Olivia Grace x


  1. Looks like its a really happy places for you! Nice pict!

  2. I'm sorry things that have happened that have tainted this place for you and I understand what you mean, I often develop negative connotations for places too (and for songs!).. but as you've said, visiting there again is the best way to create new positive memories for the place. Beautiful photo, by the way! :)


    1. What a lovely comment! Songs are the worst for it! haha thank you so much! :) xx

  3. love it

  4. That sounds really beautiful, it’s so lovely that you have a place like that with so many positive memories.


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